About this site

On this site I share some of my texts, written at different moments during the journey through life which still continues (and will hopefully do so for many years to come!). What I call journey through life, when looking back, turns out to have followed a thread which often was invisible to myself while walking.

Along this thread, I have now mapped out different topics, the big themes encountered on the way – they are like the places I have visited and stayed at when crossing lands and regions of an inner map only visible to myself.

A click below will bring you to the map of topics. Within each topic, you may find one or several texts.

You are now invited, map in hand, to take a walk through this interior countryside. Maybe you will do it in the manner of the hunters and gatherers, staying attentive, ready to perceive what unexpectedly may come up and show itself, a fruit, a new promising path, or a hunting ground; or the call of a bird, or a sign left there for you to be found…

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